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Entertainment Tickets

Show off your performance from the moment your customers buy the tickets. It's easy with Nashua Ticket Media, the industry leader in thermal printing. Take advantage of Nashua's experience in manufacturing thermal point of sale tickets for virtually all entertainment markets such as the following.

Sports - Professional and Collegiate
Movie Theaters
Gaming - Casino Show Tickets and Coin-less slot machine tickets
Theme Parks and Water Parks
Performing Arts
Remote Kiosk Applications / On-Line Ticketing

Also, there is no need to worry about tickets causing printer problems. All Nashua tickets have been extensively tested in Boca, Practical Automation and other thermal printers and they are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and standards. In addition, Nashua has the most extensive research and development facility of any thermal ticket manufacturer in the industry. What does this mean to you? It means that you can trust Nashua with your ticket business without worry.

Get the Nashua Advantage. Roll and Fanfold Ticket Formats:
8 Color Printing
4 Color Process Printing
Full Range of Thermal Materials
Expert Sales and Customer Service Support
Ticket Design Support
Fast Turnaround

For the most competitive ticket pricing in the industry or for advice on your specific ticket application, please call Ticket Manager at 800-206-0129 ex. 1846 or 865-471-1846.

The following common ticket sizes are available without tooling charges. Virtually any size ticket is available with reasonable additional charges.

1.96875" x 5.50" 1.96875" x 6.00" 3.25" x 2.0" 3.25" x 7.0" 3.25" x 10.0"
1.96875" x 5.625" 2.0" x 4.00" 3.25" x 6.0" 3.25" x 8.0"  

Security Inks and Materials

Safety Center Material
Safety Center material is a 7.5 pt thermal ticket stock with a colored center. The colored center is only seen when the ticket is torn to reveal the color. This material offers protection against duplicating tickets on standard ticket or card stocks.

Black Light Security Varnish
Black light security varnish is a clear varnish that is only visible when exposed to black light. It is an inexpensive, yet effective security solution. Hand held black lights are widely available.

Thermochromic Ink
Thermochromic ink is thermally sensitive ink that disappears when exposed to heat and reappears when the heat source is removed. The ink will react to the heat generated by the touch of a finger. This is a convenient solution because no devices are required for authentication purposes.

Coin Reactive Ink
Coin reactive ink is a clear varnish that is only visible when rubbed with a coin. This is an inexpensive security solution.

For more information, to request a quote, or place an order please contact: Ticket Manager at 800-206-0129 ex. 1846 or 865-471-1846