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Industrial Barcode Labels and Ribbons

Nashua Industrial Barcode Labels and Ribbons Nashua manufactures an extensive line of blank and printed industrial barcode stock and custom direct thermal, thermal transfer, and laser imaged label and tag formats tailored to the demanding and ever growing needs of the industrial barcode market.

Nashua offers a wide range of material options from paper based label and tag materials to highly durable synthetic films and polyester materials. Nashua also offers an extensive variety of adhesives and liners to meet the most harsh application requirements. Nashua's in-house pre-press and graphics departments can offer assistance in helping you design your custom label and can produce electronic proofs of what your finished label will look like.

As North Americas premier manufacture of Industrial Barcode Labels and Ribbons, Nashua has a barcode label solution to meet your need.

Quick Ship Priority Labels
Nashua offers a variety of "in-stock" blank direct thermal and thermal transfer label sizes in rolled and fanfold fashion available for shipment within 24 hours of order entry. MORE...
Quick Ship Priority Labels are compatible with a variety of popular thermal transfer and direct thermal printers. Quick Ship Priority rolled labels are provided on 3 inch cores. Both rolled and fanfold Quick Ship Priority labels are available with and without perforations. In addition to general purpose adhesives many popular sizes are offered with freezer grade adhesives for more demanding applications.

Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels
Nashua thermal transfer labels are available in low cost paper or highly durable synthetic formats.MORE...
Paper based thermal transfer label formats utilize smooth bright white face materials which provide excellent barcode print quality and can be used in a multitude of general-purpose applications. Synthetic thermal transfer label formats are durable, long lasting, and resistant to abrasion, moisture, heat, tearing, and chemicals. When matched with high quality Nashua thermal transfer ribbons, Nashua thermal transfer labels provide superior print quality and optimum scan rates.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Nashua supplies the most complete line of Thermal Transfer Ribbons in the industrial barcode label and ribbon market.MORE...
With a wide variety of formulations available from low cost wax based ribbons to midrange wax resin combinations and high end resin formulations engineered for the most demanding ribbon applications, Nashua Thermal Transfer Ribbons offer consistent, reliable, and cost effective performance. Specialty and colored thermal transfer ribbons are also available.

Direct Thermal Barcode Labels
As North America's only vertically integrated direct thermal coater and converter Nashua provides the most comprehensive offering of direct thermal label and tag formats and material options in the label industry. MORE...
As a thermal coated Nashua has pioneered the use of direct thermal technology and has built a reputation for providing high quality cost effective direct thermal label solutions. Nashua direct thermal barcode labels provide high scan rates, longer print head life, increased printing speeds and improved labeling efficiencies by eliminating the need for toners or ribbons. From large diameter rolls for newer high speed printers to small diameter rolls on 1/2 inch cores to fit small portable printers Nashua direct thermal labels are a fit for any barcode application.

Variable Print Capability
If your label needs include pre-printed sequential or static barcode data or numbering Nashua can provide in-house barcode printing.MORE...
Whether you are labeling racks or pallets Nashua can provide multiple variable print options utilizing direct thermal, thermal transfer and laser imaged paper and films solutions. Rolled, fanfold & cut sheet offerings are available.

Nashua's in-house software program supports all Text and Bar Code types (i.e. Code 3 of 9, UCC128, etc). Keeping both label production and barcode printing services under our roof keeps us competitive and reduces lead times on all variable print work. Verification of bar codes and numbers are standard with every shipment.

Drum and Durable Labels
Nashua offers enhanced products to support the demanding Drum and Durable label market.MORE...
Each of these products have been extensively tested for durability and resistance to harsh environmental elements. To simplify your choice of laminates, Nashua offers drum and durable label products to serve the three main print technologies in the durables arena. For IMPACT printers we provide a Polyolefin Face / Acrylic Emulsion Adhesive/ on a 50# SCK liner. For LASER printers we provide a Top Coated Vinyl Face / Acrylic Emulsion Adhesive / on a 79# liner for lay flat properties. For Thermal Transfer printers we provide a Matte Synthetic Film / Acrylic Emulsion Adhesive / on a 50# liner for roll or fanfold. Wax/Resin and Resin content thermal transfer ribbons are also available. All ribbon formulations have been engineered to produce high quality long lasting barcode images. Each of these products meet the Maritime salt water standards and are engineered to provide superior durable label performance.

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