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Retail theft and receipt fraud are reaching epidemic proportions.
The volume of incidents and the sophisticated scams are getting
out of control.

What's A Retailer To Do?
Nashua has the solutions to stop thieves in their tracks and reduce
huge losses due to counterfeit or fraud.
Nashua Has The Solutions To Loss Prevention

This year, over $25 billion will be stolen from retailers, with more than $9 billion lost to shoplifting and receipt fraud alone. With today's widely-accessible technologies, it's easy for criminals to create counterfeit receipts with computers or photocopiers, and use fake receipts to obtain refunds for stolen merchandise.

It's a problem of epidemic proportions for which retailers need solutions that not only deter theft and fraudulent returns, but are also cost-effective in the effort to reduce overall losses and expenses due to theft.

Nashua can help retailers eliminate this problem with a host of innovative solutions that are economical and easy to implement, involving little or no personnel training at all.

Counterfeit detectors with UV light instantly locate security stripes or symbols that are imbedded in currencies, credit cards, traveler's checks and other legal documents. Magnifiers, UV markers, and non-active tab labels are just a few other theft-deterrent products that you can find in the Nashua Loss Prevention Products List.