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Proven Security Products Only from Nashua

Scratch & Secure ®
Scratch & Secure security ink provides one of the most secure inks for receipt paper and other value-sensitve paper documents on the market today. The high-tech ink produces an image on paper in one color that changes color simply by scratching it. The image and its inherent color altering function can not be copied by any means. An added bonus for this ink is its tamper evident capabilities. MORE...
Ink Changes Colors When Scratched
Protect yourself against fraudulent duplication of receipts with Nashua’s exclusive Scratch & Secure POS rolls, offering you the highest level of security for bond paper receipts on the market today!

Scratch & Secure Receipts Can’t Be Copied
Our unique Scratch & Secure ink changes color when scratched, making transaction information on the printed receipt difficult to alter. To verify a receipt, simply scratch along any Scratch & Secure ink area that hasn’t been overprinted… if it’s an authentic receipt a second color will show.

Scartch & Secure Ink Offers Visually Overt And Covert Security Options For POS Rolls
Whenever you print your POS rolls, the color combinations can be changed to foil crooks who may steal your receipt rolls. A “hidden” color can be printed invisibly which will only appear when a criminal tries to use solvent to change a price, ruining the receipt.

Unique Product Is Not Available On The Open Market
Sold exclusively by Nashua to retailers for internal use, this further ensures Scratch & Secure receipt virtually impossible to duplicate.
EAS Receipt Rolls
To complement Scratch & Secure, Nashua offers retailers another unique security feature – a patented core-insert with EAS. It provides retailers maximum protection against costly theft of receipt rolls. The system consists of a core insert that contains a Sensormatic® Ultramax EAS (electronic article surveillance) tag. MORE...
Prevent Your Cash Register Rolls From Getting To The Wrong Hands
The EAS tag is permanently inserted into the paper roll core so it can't be removed.

The Sensormatic tag activates an alarm at exit doors equipped with Sensormatic EAS pedestals.These pedestals produce an acousto-magnetic pulse that is interrupted by a ‘live’ tag, causing the EAS system to sound an alarm.

This simple yet effective security measure keeps your receipt rolls from unknowingly traveling out of your store and prevent them from getting into the wrong hands.

Counterfeit Detector System
Stop thieves in their tracks with very little time or effort on your part. Nashua easy-to-use counterfeit detector system lets you quickly and reliably check the validity of currency, credit cards, ID’s, and other UV impregnated items. It combines three essential fraud-detecting features that make it the most effective loss prevention device in the market today. MORE...
Nashua Counterfeit Detection System Equipped With Three Powerful Features
The Nashua Counterfeit Detector System is loaded with three powerful features for easy, fail-safe detection of fraudulent currency bills and documents such as currency, credit cards, traveler’s checks and other legal documents that are imbedded with authenticating security stripes or symbols, and watermarks.

UV Light
Powerful overhead UV lamp reveals embedded security stripes on US and foreign currencies.

Light Box
Detects watermarks on bills and documents. It has a built-in light box for checking watermarks on bills and legal documents.

Magnetic Ink Sensor
Triggers sound and light when a real bill is passed over it. The MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) sensor “chirps” and lights up the red LED when a real US bill is passed over it. Designed to work on older bills without a security stripe or a watermark.

See how it works, watch the video: Counterfeit Detection System Training Video
Counterfeit Detection System Instructions
Counterfeit Detection System Bulbs Instructions
Magnifiers, UV Markers, Mini-UV Lights and Other Accessories
Receipts Most counterfeit receipts are produced using inkjet or low-cost matrix printers. Commercial POS matrix printers use 9-pin print heads, while most inkjet and low-cost matrix printers used by counterfeiters have 24-pin print heads. When receipts and other documents are viewed under the Magnifying Loupe, the difference between the fakes and the real thing is obvious. Inkjet printers also produce a different pattern than commercial POS matrix printers; these patterns can be identified using the Magnifying Loupe. MORE...
Mini-UV Light
A handy, easy-to-use tool featuring a UV beam to detect security images or markers embedded in most U.S. currency and on major credit cards, traveler’s checks and driver’s licenses. It can also detect UV-sensitive inks printed on custom receipt rolls. Tiny enough to fit in your pocket, it can even be used as a key chain.
10X Lighted Magnifier
Handy device has 10 times magnifying capability that lets you see micro security prints on currency, checks and other legal documents. The 10x magnifier is equipped with a built-in light for clearer viewing of the minutest details even when using it in dimly lit conditions.
6X Magnifying Loupe
Designed for quick and easy indenification of counterfeit printed documents, the Magnifying Loupe can detect the difference between a commercial POS matrix 9-pin printer and a counterfeit receipt printed on an inkjet or 24-pin printer. It also can identify legitimate documents printed on offset printers vs. counterfeit documents printed on inkjet or laser printers. Its durable metal and glass construction as well as its compact size (folds to less that .5") ensure long life.
Jumbo Counterfeit Detection Pen
It’s an easy, economical and effective way to avoid fake currency. To use this counterfeit detection pen, simply make a small mark on the bill and if the ink turns dark brown or black, the bill is suspect. Retailers then may request another bill to pay for the purchase. The pen lasts for up to 30,000 impressions and features a specially designed tip to prevent drying if left uncapped.
UV Marker
An indispensable tool for secretly tracking documents or objects. This felt tip marker applies invisible UV ink to money, merchandise, or any other item which you suspect may be pilfered by employees or stolen and sold at flea markets or through other distributors. Use our mini-UV light or any other black light to make the invisible ink appear.
Non-Active Security Labels
Add another level of theft protection to low-end items that don’t warrant the cost of a live security tab, with these security labels from Nashua. Small yet noticeable, these tags are proven deterrents to shoplifters. Easily applied to nearly any product, they let retailers make impulse-buy items accessible to customers while discouraging amateur shoplifters.
Fingerprint Pad
Identity fraud is a big problem that is only getting bigger. Our fingerprint pad uses ink developed especially for making smudge-free prints to protect the retailer from thieves who try to pass counterfeit checks, fake legal documents or use phony identification. The pad can produce over 20,000 prints for digital scanning and helps to protect stores from identity scam artists. Its small size makes it perfect for check-cashing sites, law offices, businesses or schools where validating identity is essential.
Laser Lock System
Laser Lock System uses a hand-held laser and a laser-sensitive compound that is invisible to the human eye except when viewed under the laser. Laser Lock allows a retailer to quickly determine whether returned goods were legitimately purchased or stolen.