Nashua Corporation

Nashua Corporation manufactures and markets a wide variety of specialty imaging products and services to industrial and commercial customers to meet various print application needs. Nashua is dedicated to creating opportunity, value and growth for its customers, shareholders and employees. Our primary objective is to respond to customer needs by providing exceptional products and services.

Nashua Coated Products

Nashua Corporation has more than 150 years of experience developing specialty coated products for all your printing, labeling and ticketing applications. As an innovator and manufacturer of unique coatings for paper and film based products, Nashua is a leader in high quality, high performance coating products. Nashua’s coated products manufacturing facilities are technologically advanced, employing statistical process control techniques and computer-aided manufacturing. We are committed to the development of new products that meet the needs of our rapidly expanding markets. As innovators and manufacturers of specialty coated products, we are in a unique position to help you meet your specific application and material needs.

From new product development targeted at emerging applications to improving the performance of existing commercial products Nashua’s Coated Products Group can support a wide variety of unique product solutions.

Direct Thermal Products

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Heat Seal Products

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